Truffles. Rooted in the flavors of the season.

Straight from the source.

St. Louis American Restaurant

Here at Truffles, we have forged relationships with local growers to bring the freshest flavors of the season direct to your plate.

We believe that the slow food movement is not a trend, but a nod to a better way of living. By simply looking into our backyard we find the flavors, textures and bounty to sustain our lives and improve our earth.

At Truffles, we hand select every ingredient, every day to give you an inventive menu.


Always antibiotic and hormone free, we seek to highlight the unique characteristics of each specific breed. We age and prepare our meats to take advantage of their unique flavors and textures.


Produced in certified fisheries and procured locally, we prepare our seafood using simple principles to maximize its exquisite freshness and flavor.