Wine Thursdays at Truffles

17 Aug

Here’s an idea:

Let’s give our guests a chance to select a wine they would like to drink at Truffles.

Every Thursday between 5 and 6 I will invite a wine distributor to present some interesting selections from their portfolio. Everyone in the bar, whether they’ve come for dinner or come for a drink, will participate in deciding which wine is showing the best. In return, the winning wine will be featured at Truffles as a glass pour the entire following week AT COST!!! No profits, ladies and gentlemen, just sheer wine fun.

The tasting will be informal, free of any strict format. Simply show up and share your precious palate with us. It will be fun.

And that’s not all…in addition, all the wines will be available for purchase by the bottle or by the case through Truffles. Our standard markup is only  20% . You’ll find this to be at least a few paper presidents less per bottle then in any store. Most of them are not available as a retail purchase in the first place.

I hope everyone is as excited about this as I am. It will be great fun.

And finally, did I mention that we won’t charge you for the tasting? After all it would not be fair to get all the opinions and then charge you for it. It’s a fair trade, we get your thoughts and ideas, you get to sip on some good juice.

See you Thursday…

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